North East Cheer FAQ

Do you want to know more about the North East Cheer family? This FAQ will cover all of our most frequently asked questions. But if there is anything at all that we've not answered here please do get in touch and we'd be delighted to help you!

What facilities do you have at The Urban Factory?

It has a full sized 9 panel competition sprung floor, a smaller 7 panel sprung floor, a 5 panel floor, 3 panel warm up floor, studio, 2 tumble tracks and incredible training aids. The venue also has a bespoke Parkour arena, soft play and pre-school equipment, cafe and viewing gallery offering extended viewing across the entire venue. Our cheerleading gym is truly a world-class training facility so no matter what your skill level is, we have the facilities to accommodate your training and development. We also have a dedicated cheerleading training facility in Sunderland. So if that's an easier location for you to get to, we'd love for you to join our Sunderland cheer family. If you’re keen to compete then we would be delighted to guide you on your competitive cheer journey!

Can we just cheer for fun?

YES!! We have a full recreational cheer & tumble programme available for beginners and for those who do not want to compete. These are GEMS for athletes aged 4 - 5 years, TWINKLES for athletes aged 5 - 8 years, DIAMONDS for athletes aged 8 - 12 and Crystals for athletes aged 13+. We also have a range of tumbling classes from beginners through to Elite level. All of our classes work towards our very own North East Cheer skills badges. 

Do I need to have experience?

Beginners are always welcome and there is always a space available regardless of your ability. If you’re not interested in competitive cheer and just want to stay fit and make friends, that’s totally fine!

Is my child guaranteed a place on a team?

North East Cheer offers places to all members who wish to compete on a cheerleading team, we also welcome members into our non competitive recreational teams. No previous experience is required however the team you are placed on is a decision made by coaches and based on where we feel that you, as an athlete will be most successful for the team.

Team Selection is a fun and friendly process where coaches get to see what each athlete is capable of and what potential they will have for the season ahead. Athletes are not expected to perform on their own at any time.

What classes and teams do North East Cheer offer?

RECREATIONAL CHEER CLASSES - 1 hour to 90 minute class depending on age. Covering all aspects of cheerleading without the competitions. 

RECREATIONAL TUMBLE CLASSES - 1 hour class covering all levels of tumbling. 

TUMBLE ACADEMY - For those who want to take their tumble skills to a higher level or competitive cheer athletes wanting more training time. 

NOVICE CHEER TEAMS - Train once per week (90 minute session) and will attend up to 2 local competitions throughout the season. 

PREP CHEER TEAMS - Train once per week (90 minutes - 2 hour session) and will attend up to 2 competitions throughout the season. Local competitions are within the North East, some prep teams may be given the opportunity to attend a competition further away. 

ELITE CHEER TEAMS - Train twice per week and will attend 3-5 competitions throughout the season. At least 1 of which will include travel within the UK. These competitive cheer teams require a high level of commitment. 

INTERNATIONAL CHEER TEAMS - Train 1 - 2 times per week depending on the level. International teams will pursue a bid to The Summit or Worlds (Florida May 2024) . They are the highest level of commitment.

Are there any Travel opportunities with North East Cheer?

YES! Over the years we have had multiple travel opportunities, most recently we have competed at the 2019 and 2022 Summit in Florida. Although we qualified for the 2023 Allstar Worlds and Summit, we opted not to attend to support families financially. We are however taking an International team to compete within Europe and do hope to return to The Summit and gain a worlds bid soon. 

Do we sign a contract?

We do not require athletes to sign a contact to join North East Cheer. We have terms and conditions, which ensure athletes are safe in training and that you understand our payment terms, we have rules which we expect athletes and parents to respect and we have an athlete code of conduct.

Can parents stay to watch their kids train?

Yes! You are more than welcome to sit and enjoy a cuppa in our lovely new viewing area at the Urban Factory Gym.